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What is hemp oil? hemp oil

“Hemp” a plant that has been used by industry for millennia. Products made from the hemp plant can be used for food, fibre, paper, medicine, building materials, lubricants, fuel oil, animal bedding, cleaning up water and soil (aka. remediation) and plastics. Hemp has a very long history in many of these products.

Hemp Paper

Archaeological discoveries reveal the use of Hemp paper over 2000 years ago and 200 years before “Cai” who is credited with invented paper mixing hemp, old fishing rope and tattered cloth. Many of the oldest books were written on hemp paper.

Hemp Textiles

Textiles from the plants stalk produce extremely tough long fibres that are lighter and  stronger than glass fibres these are used in most cars as insulation. The raw fibre can be over a meter in length which makes it easy to work with.


Hemp rope features throughout culturesn dating back millennia, many of these ancient uses carry on today providing masons tools, christian, civil and military regalia and bell ringers ropes.  The japanese emperors ceremonial clothes are made from hemp textiles.

Hemp Fibre in Industry

In 1941 Henry Ford produced car panels partly based on hemp fibres, straw and resin. These were lighter than steel and could withstand 8x the impact of the steel equivalent without denting the panel.

Today hemp fibre is used by most automotive manufacturers for sound insulation and as a glass fibre substitute. Hemp makes lighter, durable, safer, easy to dispose of and cheaper car panels 

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